We have complied a list of answers to some of the most asked frequently questions by our customers. If you have any other questions please get in touch.

Hampshire House Clearances Vans

Our LWB 3.5 tonne Luton Trucks. We do not use tipper style / open back trucks, where the contents will be on display, or smashed up to fit.

1: ARE YOU LICENSED WASTE CARRIERS ? YES We are registered as an upper tier carrier broker dealer with the Environment Agency. Our waste carriers license number is: CB DU 138983

2: ARE YOU VAT REGISTERED ? YES We are a UK VAT registered company, our VAT number is: 246 484 092

3: WILL YOU LEAVE THE PROPERTY TIDY ? YES – We always sweep and or vacuum every space cleared, so the property looks neat, tidy and presentable.

4: CAN YOU CLEAN THE HOUSE AFTERWARDS ?  YES We offer an Express Clean as well a Professional Deep Cleaning Service, which includes carpet cleaning, cooker cleaning etc etc. These can be booked with the clearance and usually happen the day after.

5: DO YOU SMASH ITEMS UP ?  NO every house will be cleared with the utmost care and respect. We have heard of companies that smash up things on the drive, which must be an awfully traumatic experience.

If you hire a rubbish clearance company to do a house clearance, they may well do this. A rubbish clearance is very different to a house clearance, in our opinion.

6: CAN YOU CLEAR ONLY CERTAIN ROOMS MY HOUSE ?   YES – We can clear singular items from individual rooms and buildings throughout the property such as the shed, garage, loft and outbuildings.

We can also clear a house in stages to de-clutter and de-personalise it, leaving bigger furniture for estate agents photographs, then clear the remaining larger items upon sale of the property.

7: DO YOU RECYCLE WHAT YOU TAKE AWAY ? YES we are passionate about recycling. The first part of every clearance we do, will be to identify as many things as possible suitable for donation, and then take them to the nearest local charity, read our recycling policy here

8: DO YOU BUY ITEMS ?  YES we buy lots of items from our customers. Items must be in good condition with strong resale potential in today’s current market, and have a resale value of at least £50 per per item or as a collection, read more here

9: WHAT ABOUT SENTIMENTAL AND IMPORTANT ITEMS ? We understand that a house clearances can often be a painful and upsetting time, we look to sort through all contents efficiently whilst being mindful.

If we find items any items that we believe to be sentimental or important such as photos, deeds, share certificates, keys, jewellery etc, we will put them in a safe place for your inspection.

10: HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO CLEAR A PROPERTY ?  Most properties can be safely cleared in a day with the right team and vehicle configuration. This includes the sorting on site, and recycling and disposal off-site. Bigger properties with outbuildings large amounts of contents or hoarded properties will generally take longer.

11: DO I / WE NEED TO BE PRESENT ? NO We can collect keys from a neighbour or liaise on your behalf with an estate agent or solicitor. If you want to be present thats not a problem.

12: HOW BIG ARE YOUR VANS ? We use LWB Luton box vans with tail lifts, the vans are about 16ft long and 11ft high and have a maximum payload of 3.5 tonnes

13: CAN YOUR CLEAR EVERYTHING ? YES all household effects, as well a carpets and fixtures and fittings if requested. Some items require special handling and are classed as hazardous waste such as paint, chemicals, fluorescent tubes, fridges freezers.

*WE CANNOT TAKE Asbestos in any amount, Plasterboard, Builders Waste, Wet Foods*

House Clearance Clear Clean Recycle

14: WHERE DO YOU TAKE THE RUBBISH ?  Junk and rubbish will be taken to a Waste Transfer Station – Wikipedia. Where our vehicles are weighed on entry and exit to asses the amount of rubbish tipped in KG

15: WHAT TIME DO YOU START ? We aim to arrive at most jobs for 8.30am. For smaller clearances where a half day is required, we can start as late as 1pm.

16: CAN YOU TAKE ITEMS I WANT TO KEEP TO AN ALTERNATIVE ADDRESS ? YES if there are any large or bulky items up to 250kg, we can relocate them to an alternative address anywhere in the UK. This MUST always be arranged prior to any clearance.

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